Class Action Gradebook Program
Take the Work Out of Grading!

Frequently Asked Questions About Class Action

1. I'm using the trial version of Class Action Gradebook Program. If I purchase the registered version, can I continue to use the classes I've created or must I start over?

You can continue to use the classes you have created.

2. What about tech support?

Telephone and email support are free.

3. Do you upgrade Class Action?

Yes, and upgrades are free.

4. How long has Class Action been around?

Since 1992, although with all the advances in computing the program has acquired many new capabilities since then (see About Us ).

5. Is this a subscription service? Is there a renewal fee?

You can use Class Action as long as you teach with no renewal fee. Our optional Web Service (see #8) does have an annual subscription.

6. What does all this cost?

An individual license costs $39.00 with no renewal fees. That includes four months of Web Service. If you decide to renew Web Service, the cost is $18.00 per year, much less that competing packages.

7. Is Class Action "web based?"

Class Action is not a "web based" program. Information is not exposed to the world wide web, but stays on your computer. Class Action's email and web service (see #8) provide the program with web capabilities.

8. What is Web Service?

With Version 9, Class Action introduced Web Service. Web Service, an optional subscription, has the advantages of a web based program without putting all of your grading and student information on the web where prying eyes might access it. You choose what is posted on the web. Each student has password protected access to his or her information. For more information on Class Action's Web Service, click here.

9. I see that your sample class divides assignments into Homework, Classwork, and Tests. I organize my class very differently - with special projects and laboratory assignments. How do I fit my class into your organization?

No problem! When you set up your own classes, you can choose as many or as few assignment categories and name them whatever your want. You can also weight your categories if you choose (see question 9).

10. Can I enter grades both at home and at school?

Yes. Class Action isn't a "web based" program (and does not have the security issues associated with those grading systems). However, your license allows you to install Class Action both at home and at school. Class files are separate from the program and can be easily transported on disk, USB (flash) drive, or as email attachments. Or, if you have email at home and at school, Class Action can automatically email your classes back and forth.

11. How do I start a new grading period?

Use the "New Grading Period" command in the File menu to begin a new grading period. You can carry forward student information, point totals, average two periods and a final, or maintain a running average of two or more periods. For more information click here.

12. Should I use points or weighted categories in my grading system? What happens if I change my mind?

The decision is yours, but for a discussion of the advantages and disadvantages of each click here.

You can always change systems by selecting "Total Points" or "Weighted Categories" from the grading menu. If you haven't set up weights yet, you will be prompted to do so.

13. Students use my computer. Can I protect Class Action Gradebook Program from prying eyes?

You can password protect Class Action Gradebook Program by selecting "Password" from the File menu.

14. How do I give an extra credit assignment?

Enter the assignment as you usually do, but type "0" for the maximum points.

15. In my Summary, negative numbers are showing up in the Missing Assignment column.

You have entered an assignment without specifying its point value, or you have entered a stray score in an empty column. Scroll to the right in the assignment category if you can't see the entry on your screen.

16. Can I excuse an assignment in Class Action?

Yes, just type an "e" or "E" (no quotes) instead of a grade.

17. When I'm entering grades in the gradebook, I sometimes find I up or down a row from where I should be. Is there some way to shift grades up or down (or right or left) without retyping?

In Class Action, you copy, cut, or paste multiple cells. Just select the group the is misplaced (hold down the button and drag the mouse over them) and select "Cut" from the Edit menu. Then click the top-left cell in the area you want the scores in and select "Paste."

18. What are those little lines through some of the scores in the Sample Class.

The option "Drop Low Score" has been selected (it's in the Grading menu). The lines show you which score has been dropped.

19. I'm trying to move seats around in the seating chart, and they jump to certain position - never quite where I want them to be.

In the Seating Arrangement pop-up menu, select "Grid Off."