Begin a New Grading Period

The “New Grading Period” command can be used to begin a new grading period with an existing class. You may carry forward student names, grade totals, grade averages, or start completely anew.

Choose “New Grading Period…” from the File Menu and click the appropriate check boxes

If you are beginning a new grading period with the same students, you have the option of carrying point totals forward or averaging two grading periods together on an equal basis.

Checking the “Grade Totals” box totals all the points from the previous period into the first column of each category. It also saves a the lowest score so that if you are using the “Drop Low Score” option, the lowest score from either period is dropped.

Checking the “Grade Averages” box creates new columns at the end of the Summary page which show letter grades and averages from the previous period and a running average of the current and previous periods. The two periods are weighted on an equal basis. You can weight each period and add more than one grading periods by selecting "Begin a New Grading Period" again when the second period is complete.